PISSED JEANS interview

Pissed Jeans are thundering dirge retard noise rock of the highest order. You need to get their Shallow album on Parts Unknown. It’s beautiful. They just put out a 7″ on Sub Pop but I haven’t got my hands on it yet but I don’t doubt it’s as sick and twised as the rest of their output. Their website is http://www.whitedenim.com/pissedjeans. Now read the interview:-

How did Pissed Jeans come together?

We were playing in other bands together, and just decided to do something new for us. It started kind of as a project, and then turned into a real, full-time band.

Why decide to play such horrible sounding music? Not exactly the fast track to fame and fortune is it. Not even by underground hardcore terms. I mean, where’s the mosh parts and the singalongs?

Horrible-sounding music is the only type of music worth playing.

What do you want to achieve with Pissed Jeans?

Getting in bed with your mom.

Have you ever actualy pissed your jeans? Did you enjoy the warm feeling?

Nah, but I’ll piss yours, if you want.

You seem to be consciously part of the punk/hc scene but don’t really sound like many other bands around so how do you feel people react to you. For example, Parts Unknown records are usually known for their love of more straight forward early 80s style hc

I think we tend to get a decent reaction. I think any reaction is a good reaction; the worst thing is to get indifference from a crowd, so if we can avoid that, it’s a success.

I’ve heard rumours of some crazy venue in your hometown that has loads of people going crazy to loads of different weirdo bands. Is this just some kind of myth? Surely you just play to a handful of bored twenty somethings with their arms folded

Nah, it’s called Jeff the Pigeon and it’s great. Last show I was at there, some guy got bit by a dog while a band was playing.

I’m taking a wild guess that you don’t have ludicrous hair extensions and eyeliner and listen to the latest mtv2’indie’ ‘hardcore’ bands so what’s wrong with modern independent music?

I don’t think anything’s wrong with it. I say let the kids have their fun however they want.

Throbbing Organ – nice name for a single. Is the name’s similarity to Throbbing Gristle just mere coincidence? That cover art is also slightly strange. It looks like it should be housing some retro 77 punk or hipster new wave. Why no blood, guts, pus, vomit and, ahem, ‘throbbing organs’?

Just a coincidence. I guess you don’t see the word “throbbing” too often. No gross stuff on the cover, because that’s kinda played out, and not what we’re about.

Who are the boring girls you want to sleep with? Where do you take inspiration from for your lyrics? Songs about being disgusted with yourself for masterbating aren’t exactly the most common lyric material for bands.

Generally, inspiration comes from your mom, who also happens to be the main boring girl of my desire.

Just from listening to your music you can tell you like your weird 80s noiserock bands and in your interviews you seem to mention a fair few so who are the essential bands you reckon people should give a listen to from that era and why.

I’d go with Stickmen With Rayguns and Church Police, both would be worth your time.

You into one-of-a-kind type albums you find in second hand shops, the kind of ‘incredibly strange music’ thing at all?

Sure, why not.

Amphetamine Reptile records ring up and ask you to curate some new Dope Guns n Fucking in the Streets compilations. Whose going to be on it?

Probably the New Flesh, Clockcleaner… that’s really all I can think of who would fit.

I’m guessing at least some of you are record nerds so what’s the best stuff you’ve got and the best bargains and whatnot. This is your opportunity to brag!

I hold dear to my heart my Four Eyes ‘Hat Nerd’ single and Children in Adult Jails EP.

Tell us about White Denim records? What’s it about? What you done? What are your plans? And so on

It’s a label I run, it’s about doing vinyl records and building up personal credit card debt. I’ve done a bunch of singles, a couple albums, and plan on wasting more money with it in the future.

What other bands are you all in?

I’m not in any other bands.

What does the future hold for Pissed jeans?

More records, some shows, an eventual overdose on Yankee Candle scents.


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  3. Pissed Jeans Interview from Swingset #8 « The Other Side of Life Says:

    […] Read another nice interview with Matt at Infernal Racket. […]

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